Advent Reflection | Wednesday: Psalms 11-13; Jeremiah 3.6-24; 1 Thessalonians 4.1-18

From: Alexandra May

Stillness. Quiet. Asleep.  

These treasures are often lost in our lives today; however, these sentiments are what I associate with the season of Advent. The nights become longer and colder and with that a natural stillness stirs in us, as we long to stay indoors. Yet, the Thessalonians passage made me realize that the reflective nature of Advent should be spent on not just quiet, but listening. Listening for a “cry of command”, “voice of an archangel”, and “the sound of the trumpet of God”. We should wake up from our daily worries and put our hope in Christ. For “we will always be with the Lord”. I pray that you find at least one minute today to be still and quiet, but to also listen for the Lord.

I am working as a Family Nurse Practitioner and living in Medford. I’m looking forward to my first Advent and Christmas season in Boston without having finals, as I’ve been a constant student for the 6 years that I have been here!