Tuesday: Psalm 21, 23; Amos 4.6-13; John 6.60-71

From: Nick Sarantopoulos

God gave us the Word, “full of Spirit and life”, so that we can get to know Him, not just by his name, but also by his characteristics.

Here are some of his characteristics that stood out for me as I was meditating on these scriptures:

He is the God who brings:

To his “chosen” people:
“rich and unending blessings”
“refreshment” and “comfort”
Relief from “fear” in “battle” or in the “darkest valley”
“joy”, “goodness”, “unfailing love”, “eternal life”

To those who oppose him and his people:
burning in a “blazing furnace”
death “by fire”

He is the God who prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies.

He is the God who anoints our heads with oil and our cups overflow to bless others from the overflow.

He is the God who gives us rest.

He is the God in whose house we will dwell forever.

He is the God we exalt, sing, and praise.

I live in Beverly. I love studying the Torah, and I am grateful to God for life. I work as President/CEO of a local credit union. I fully enjoy each and every new interaction with you all!