Thursday: Psalm 26-27; Amos 5.18-27; John 7.25-52

From: Kelly Madden

To despair is a sin, doctors of the church tell us. But if you are not tempted to despair, you are probably not paying attention. Either to the condition of the world. Or of your own heart.

Psalm 27 has often spoken to me, since the age of 22, when I experienced some severe challenges (or so they seemed at the time).

In times of adversity, Satan lies to us as he did to Jesus in the desert. His primary weapon is deceit, and especially about God's ability to save us from... whatever threatens us. 

The godly response is Jesus' own—God's Word, spoken out loud. 

(I think it's important to declare the truth out loud, as a witness to ourselves, to appropriate others, to heaven, and to hell.)

"The LORD is...."

"The LORD will...."

So "I will...."

"I shall...."

I lived and worked in West Africa for 13 years, beginning at age 22.