Wednesday: Psalm 39; Amos 9.11-15; John 10.1-21

From: Charmie Curry

God’s word always accomplishes that for which He’s purposed it (Isaiah 55.11). My lingering on John 10.11-12 is just another example of this. Though I’m familiar with this passage and its rich allegory, I haven’t ever sunk my teeth into these verses quite like this time around. And, I am just in awe. I am so thankful (aren’t you?) that Jesus is not a hired hand! Oh my goodness—he doesn’t leave us when we are stalked by prey—whatever prey is for you or me (rough work environment, family drama, believing in prayer, etc.). Or when we are utterly lost. He is close by, even when I am quick to flee from Him. Psalm 37 tell us this much: I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not see the righteous forsaken. Later on in verse 28, we learn that we are preserved forever! And it doesn’t end there. He gives His life for me (and you). So glad I have a Good Shepherd. 

Thankfully not forsaken, I live in Roslindale with my husband, Gordon. Right now, we are having lots of conversations about Jordan Peele’s “Get Out!” (which Gordon has seen 2x). Let us know if you want to join in.