Thursday: Psalm 40-41; Obadiah 1.1-14; John 10.22-42

From: Pete Williamson

“If you are the Christ, tell us plainly” – John 10:22-42
In today’s passage, the religious authorities go to Jesus looking for a clear answer. A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is all they’re looking for. But Jesus, as always, does not comply with their request for a simple, straightforward answer. He tells them that he’s already given them the answer with his deeds, and that they can’t hear the answer because they’re not his sheep. Then he somewhat unexpectedly drops the bold line “I and the Father are one” – which is not necessarily an answer to the Christ question.
How often have we gone to God, looking for a clear and direct answer to a question in our lives, only for God not to comply? Why is God so resistant to giving us straightforward answers?
I’ve been reflecting recently on why Jesus rarely gives a straight answer. Why does he generally teach in parables to the masses? Why is he so hesitant to give people the clear response they want?
As I’ve reflected on this, I’ve found myself draw to the question: What does Jesus want for these people? I’ve realized that Jesus does not primarily want people who know the ‘right answer’. He primarily wants people to become his sheep;  his followers. He wants people who receive him, not just receive his teaching.
Perhaps God rarely gives direct answers because he does not want us to abstract God’s truth from God himself. God is the source of life, and we cannot gain life by ‘Godly concepts’ alone. We need God himself.
We must be a people who want God himself more than we want God’s answers.
I’m a kiwi living with my wife and dog in Dorchester. I came to America to get a degree almost six years ago, but I’m still here. I work for InterVarsity supporting a campus ministry with graduate students at Harvard.