Thursday: Psalm 53-54; Habakkuk 1.1-11; John 14.1-14

From: Ryan Knowles

Satisfaction is such a fleeting thing. We're promised it by every advertisement, from drinks to food to clothing to disposable cutlery.  Our terms of satisfaction also revolve around the subjunctive, the "if only," or if you are Mick Jagger, the double negative. By means of these turns of phrase, we expose a gap that might normally be covered, and then propose a new covering that might be more suitable than the one we currently are employing - a new wine into old wineskins problem if I've ever seen one.  

Even Phillip exposes some of his desire for something a little bit more, for the satisfaction that a little glimpse of the Father might provide, even if only his backside like Moses in Exodus. And Jesus gives him the flipside rather than the backside, switching his mode of wishing into the completed past - you have already seen the Father, face-to-face. However, this and the circuitous reasoning thereafter seems less than convincing, in that Phillip, and Thomas before him seem to be looking for a bit more straightforward clarity, something more spectacular, exciting, singular, and obvious than some healings and fine winemaking in the hinterlands of Jerusalem. Here I see the beauty of this portion of John, Jesus doesn't give them another covering for the gap they've exposed, he leaves it open, forcing them to confront why they desire rather than simply what

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