Friday: Psalm 22; Isaiah 52.13-53.12; John 18-19

From: Emily Hood

Today is Good Friday. On this day, we remember and reflect on the painful and pitiful death of Jesus on the cross. We read about his betrayal, his trial, his torture, and death, and it is called "good". Here is a quotation from John Piper,

"God wrote “good” on the single worst day in the history of the world. And there is not one day—or week, month, year, or lifetime of suffering—not one trauma, not one loss, not one pain, momentary or chronic, over which God cannot write “good” for you in Christ Jesus".

Heavenly Father, we give you thanks and praise today for the incredible, incomprehensible sacrifice of "Good Friday." We ask that you would prepare our hearts for worship tonight. We know that our debt is unmeasurable, and yet, through Jesus it is forgiven and forgotten. Lord, we lift our brokenness, failures, and losses up to you, because you tell us that you will work good through them. Lord, we lift our hopes, joys, and accomplishments up to you, because every good gift comes from your holy hands. We ask your blessing of peace over our families, city, and church today. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.