Tuesday: Psalm 35-36; Joshua 7.1-9; 2 Timothy 4.1-8

From: Aanchal Narang

As a part of a story I am working on, I have been reading about the Womponoag people of Southeastern Massachusetts. In the 50 years after the Pilgrims arrived, the Womponoag people went from a population of 12,000 to 400. They were decimated. These peoples were the founders of towns we know and love—Bourne, Natick, Narragansett—and lost their land, religion, and lives in these very same towns. Unreconciled history.

August 15th is India’s Independence Day. August 15th is also the day of India’s Partition. On the very same day that India was freed from the British, it was also rent into three to create two new countries—Pakistan and Bangladesh. The mass exodus that followed as border lines were drawn cost over 2 million lives and displaced more than 8 million others. Today the line between Pakistan and India, a line that splits a country, families, brothers, is known as one of the most dangerous places in the world and wholly uncrossable. Unreconciled history.

On Saturday, Charlottesville, Virginia erupted in long simmering hate and evil divisiveness. Protestors and anti-protestors fought each other over ideology and shared and unshared histories. The protests began in response to the removal of the Confederate symbol from a public park. “Unreconciled history” is how a Reverend described why the terror in Charlottesville was possible.

I have no solution. I barely have words. But I pray what David prayed for his people. I pray it for all of God’s people, for each and every one of us who is holding the tension of unreconciled history, who feels overwhelmed with the injustice, who does not understand and continues to cry, how long?

Pray with me.

“You have seen, O Lord; do not be silent! O Lord, do not be far from us! Wake up! Bestir yourself for our defense, for our cause, our God and our Lord!” Psalm 35.22-24

I am about to begin an MFA program in Creative Writing at Boston University. I have lived in Boston most of my life. I will be moving to Brighton in the next few weeks.