Monday: Psalm 103, 104; Isaiah 53; Luke 13.10-end

From: Dave Friedrich

A Narrow Door, Not a Narrow Life
"Make every effort to enter through the narrow door"

If you were to ask a random person on the streets of Boston what it means to be a Christian, chances are they would describe something quite negative and narrow. Sadly this may come from what they have seen in the lives of those who call themselves Christians. But this is not what Jesus calls us into.

The words of Jesus in our gospel reading from Luke tell us to, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door.” (12:24) We are meant to go through a small opening and on into something bigger. In the gospel of John, Jesus describes his followers as sheep and identifies himself as the door, and says anyone who enters through this door will find salvation and “pasture.” (John 10:9). In Luke this little door leads on into a big house.

There is an urgency because this tiny entrance is the only way in, and there will come a time when the owner of the house will shut the door (cf. Gen 6:16). I must enter and make myself known to the owner of the house before it becomes too late. I must turn away from the countless distractions that keep me from going through the entrance and on into the Father’s house where there are many rooms (John 14:2) and people from north and south, east and west, and surprising reversals, and the kingdom, even the feast of the kingdom of God.

Paradoxically Jesus is the narrow door who expands our life and will cause us to say with King David: "He brought me out into a broad place." (Psalm 18:19) It difficult to enter. We must make every effort. But it is more than worth it because this is the Way into the Father’s house and on into the broad place of His presence.

I live in Southborough with Anna, Cole, and Adam where I work at L'Abri Fellowship. Recently I have discovered the joy of standup paddle-boarding.