Saturday: Psalm 111-114; Isaiah 58; Luke 17.1-19

From: Drue Rockett

Confession: I am not even remotely immune to Christmas consumerism. I spend entirely too much energy this time of year wrapped up in the vanity of wanting a perfect outfit for that work holiday party, striving to get gifts that will really wow my in-laws, and wishing for a bigger apartment that could house a Christmas tree larger than our three footer.

I get so distracted trying to elevate myself when the heart of Advent is a humble King who was made low. He could have been born in a palace, but instead didn’t even have a crib to lay His sweet head. He chose to be born into poverty and eventually to endure oppression entirely for our gain.

As we read in Isaiah 58, God flips preconceived ideas of true worship upside down. He does the same with us, with me. Our humble King calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and open up our homes and hearts to the vulnerable (Isaiah 58:7). He calls us to stand with the powerless, and in doing so we behold the Lord (Isaiah 58:9) and find that He is the Satisfier of our longing hearts (Isaiah 58:11).

Here’s an Advent hymn that’s been on repeat in our home, and I think you’ll enjoy as well: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.

I live in Back Bay with my husband Carson. I’m a pediatric nurse and have recently re-entered the world of high school through a [new to Boston] ministry called Young Life.