Sunday: Psalms 115-117; Isaiah 59; Luke 17.20-end

From: Rebecca Lefroy

The general consensus about Jesus in public life, certainly in our part of the world, is that either he is an exclusive teacher to be ignored, or he says some good things but is irrelevant to present day life. So instead, the world turns elsewhere for seemingly more immediate, personal satisfaction and meaning: relationships, money, a successful career, sex... All idols made by men. And the irony that Psalm 115 points out is that they are essentially useless: “They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes but they cannot see.” Furthermore, the Psalmist warns that as they trust them, they will become like them.

In stark contrast to our society, these passages present Jesus as a mighty warrior of upmost importance and relevance. Psalm 115 repeats that the Lord is our “help and shield”. Similarly, Isaiah 59 uses the image of the Lord putting “on righteousness as a breastplate and a helmet of salvation on his head.” He is active and present, purposefully pursuing each of us and those we come into contact with. He is able to do this not because of what we’ve done but because “his own arm brought him salvation”, a tremendously humbling image.

This Advent, let’s not look to the world around us to give us meaning and satisfaction, but let’s look to the God of the universe who is actively sending, pursuing, searching and saving the lost through his very own Son.

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