Friday: Psalm 84, 86; Isaiah 64; Luke 10.1-25

From: Leah Knowles

When I was young and being raised in the Baptist tradition, I was taught about the second coming of Christ. Undoubtedly stemming from a fear of dying, but also from the stubborn confidence of children, I declared to my mother that Jesus would return during my lifetime. My love of the Left Behind series probably had something to do with it too. I would watch the sky out my bedroom window, determined to be the rare person who was ready to see our savior coming on the clouds.

Something deep down in me still expects this cinematic, triumphant, magical vision to appear and make things better. In this world full of anguish and injustice, I’ve been tempted by deism and grown skeptical that God will “render the heavens and come down… and cause the nations to quake before him.” Like this fickle passage in Isaiah, life on earth seems to come down to a constant back and forth between pain and joy, hope and despair, sin and redemption.

And yet Christ did come. He did render the heavens in the ultimate act of selfless love. He also comes to us in less dramatic ways—in answered prayers which take us by surprise and for which gratitude always seems delayed.

Expect him to come and reveal his power to you this Advent. And be grateful when he does.

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