Lenten Scripture Reflection | Wednesday: Psalms 48-49; Hosea 14.1-9; Mark 7.24-8.10

From: Scotland Huber

“Take with you words…
And return to the Lord.”

I have no idea how exact this translation is, but I love the imagery of holding, of carrying, of the real substance of words. The power of them. Bringing them with you.

Our words to the Lord matter. They matter. He hears them. And He gives us words in return.

This closing chapter of Hosea is so, so beautiful. A vivid picture of forgiveness and redemption. The words here proclaimed to Israel after their repentance are meant to be carried:

[the Lord] will heal
[the Lord] will love
[the Lord] will be like the dew
[Israel] shall blossom
[Israel] shall take root
[Israel] shall return
[Israel] shall flourish

These are the promises given to us in Jesus. My heart longs for this—for this rootedness and flourishing—in a season of so much change, preparation, and waiting.

This Lent I’ve been trying—mostly unsuccessfully, but still trying—to quiet my world, to hear God’s words. To know His promises and the power in what He says. To let His words sit with me. Knowing that there is power in these promises.

May we take with us these words today.

I am preparing to move to Pittsburgh with my wife, toddler, clothes, camera, and record player.