Lenten Scripture Reflection | Sunday: Psalms 102, 130; Malachi 1.1-14; Mark 10.1-31

From: Megan Pinckard

Halfway there, and I’m hungry. 

not that I’m starving myself—I haven’t even given up food for Lent—but that this season makes me crave. Fasting is, to me, a contest of desires: between what I want to fill myself with and how God himself wants to purge me. 

And I really want to fill my face with chocolate. 

No wonder so much of fasting concerns food. We’re consumed by food—and we eat it, too. 

Today we read of eating ashes, of food as fodder for sacrifice. I think of Jesus and His own sacrifice after He broke bread with His disciples. I remember the words of God unto Augustine: “I am the food of the fully grown. Grow and you will feed on me. And you will not change Me into you, like the food of flesh eats. But you will be changed into Me.” 

Jesus claimed to be the one thing every human needs. Come and take me, He says. Fill. Feed. 

I get paid to buy toys and books for other people. I also eat a lot of chocolate.