Lenten Scripture Reflection | Thursday: Psalm 78; Exodus 12.1-14; 1 Corinthians 11.23-34, Luke 23, John 13.1-15

From: David Watts

Passover became the beginning of the year for the Israelites. Sunday has become the beginning of our every week. Both occasions signify God’s new act of salvation for his people, where He “makes distinction between Egypt and Israel (Exodus 11:7).” If you were to ask an ancient Israelite what salvation was, they would have said two things, “God destroying our enemies and rescuing us (just like he said he would).” At the cross Jesus is both being destroyed, according to our sins, and rescuing, according to His promises. Unflinching justice and uncompromising love compels Jesus to the cross where he becomes the roasted lamb we now eat in a mystical way every Sunday at the Lord’s Table. Taken in repentance, faith, and unity as the Church, we give thanks that God passes over our sins in Christ, and we start our week as Israel, not Egypt, distinctly seeking justice and loving one another sacrificially as exiles from sin. Christ’s actions during Holy Week prompt us to ask, “How might I become a better foot washer?” We can travel the world over and cross the universe, yet the greatest gulf for humanity to span remains stooping down to wash one another's feet. May Christ’s love and justice permeate us, compelling us to be Israel amidst Egypt as we get to stooping and washing each other's stinky feet. 

I live in Beverly, birthplace of the U.S. Navy, and have been a member of Church of the Cross for three years.