Tuesday: Psalm 142, 144; Genesis 31.22-55; Acts 26

From: Anna Harris

Why does Paul have to be such a beast, and set the bar so high for the rest of us? In his public speeches recorded in the book of Acts, he speaks so eloquently. His speech before King Agrippa in Acts 26 is no exception!

As many Christians do, I admire Paul and his way with words. I admire his direct and respectful way of addressing non-believers. I love his winsome and strategic way of speaking truth. Of speaking THE central truth of who Christ is to us. Paul doesn't avoid the rational arguments that made sense in his culture (such as speaking from a religion in-bedded in the Old Testament). Paul also doesn't avoid telling the crazy story of his supernatural encounter with Jesus and how this spiritual experience changed the course of his life forever. And Paul doesn't mind involving his emotions and exposing his intents when asked directly by the king, "Are you trying to convince me to be a Christian, right here and now, in front of everyone, while I'm supposed to be hearing and judging your case (paraphrased)?" Paul's response to that question? Basically, "Well, sure, that would be awesome!" Bam. No beating around the bush and strategizing his next move and how it will be perceived to the nth degree. Just telling the truth! Alright, Paul, alright.

And then there's me. Me. Living here in America. Wondering how to talk about my Christian faith with those who don't believe Jesus was anything special—and possibly believe Jesus is quite a threat, if he ever really lived at all! I know I’m in good company with Paul, but I want to believe that the barriers I face when speaking about my faith are insurmountable. Well, I don’t want to believe that per se, but I often speak and talk as if it’s true. What is the way out of my funk? Good question—and one I’ll probably be asking for a good, long while. Feel free to join me!

I'm a hospice and adoption social worker working and living in Dorchester with my two fantastic housemates and a bun-bun, Nadia. But not for long! I will be moving soon, but don't worry; I'll stay in the area and I look forward to growing with each of you at CotC.