Wednesday: Psalms 129-131; Genesis 28.1-22; Acts 22.23-23.11

From: Brittany Yeager

With the setting of the sun (literally in process, since summer sun hours are upon us!), we begin the nightly routine with our daughter, Ellie. "Time to get your jammies on! Don't forget to brush your teeth and go potty!" Once these tasks have been completed, we climb onto her bed, Ellie snug under her covers, and begin to read just a few pages from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. As we settle into the story, Ellie, without fail, begins her side-commentary (both hilarious and deep!) on the happenings of the White Witch; Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy; and, of course, Aslan. And then we sing, we pray, we give hugs and kisses, and close the door to a mostly-asleep Ellie.

But what the scenario above leaves out is that bedtime can come at a time when patience ran out 2 hours ago, the heaviness and exhaustion of the day has set in, and the post-bedtime-to-do-list is looming and growing. Short and impatient words are sometimes exchanged, sighs are heavy, and annoyance evident. Our bedtime routine can also include working through real and present fear and anxieties that feel hard and insurmountable.

These moments are teaching me: teaching me to be present, teaching me to have a repentant heart, teaching me to observe. Because in these moments, these ordinary mundane tasks, is so much grace. Moments for us to calm and quiet our souls (Psalm 131.2). Moments for us to instruct our souls to wait for the Lord in hope (Psalm 130.5). Moments for us to take stock of the day and end well.

May we enter into these moments, no matter how hard or however frequent, with the expectation that Christ will meet us there, just as he met Paul in Acts 22, instructing him to take courage. He is present with us in the most mundane and extraordinary moments of our days, enabling us to walk forward in grace for ourselves and those around us. Let us enter into those moments with him.

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