Thursday: Psalms 98-100; Exodus 8.1-32; Luke 6.1-49

From: Alexandra May

As I sit at my apartment contemplating what to write about for this reflection, I can’t help but hear the constant chirping and singing coming from the birds outside. It is a beautiful day, and they are making “a joyful noise to the Lord”. Psalm 100 instructs us to do the same thing. “Serve the LORD with gladness!” At CotC, we are encouraged to find our calling and to use it to exemplify our beliefs to our communities. This calling is not to satisfy our career or life goals, but to serve the Lord. Psalm 100 asks us to go even further with our mission by asking us to do it with a cheerful heart. I pray that whether it’s a beautiful day outside with chirping birds or you are sitting in gridlock traffic when its raining that we can find a way to be grateful and bless the Lord with our words and most importantly our actions. 

I am a nurse practitioner who lives in Medford with my husband, Rick. I love summertime in Boston and everything that it offers from the beaches to camping.