Thursday: Psalm 98, 99, 100; Jonah 1.1-17; Revelation 21.1-27

From: Brian Patton

Behold, I am making all things new!

John paints quite a picture here in Revelation 21: the holy city descending from heaven, detailed measurements, descriptions of the rich opulence. The Bride, the wife of the Lamb. It is a description of the perfection of the glory of God. Perfect in beauty, in measure and quantity, in material, and most importantly in holiness and purity. The city is lit by the glory of God. In this passage, we hear again the central message of the gospel: God is reconciling all things and making all things new. In John’s vision, we get a glimpse of the perfection at the end of that long road of reconciliation and renewal. We get to sense God’s majesty and glory. 

We recently visited St. Petersburg, Russia, and I was amazed at the decor in some of the cathedrals: so much gold, so many detailed mosaics, entire columns made of bright blue lapis lazuli and bright green malachite. Yet as impressive as those were to me, what John describes in Revelation is even more take-your-breath-away awesome and beautiful—priceless and impossible to obtain.

Today’s other passages also contemplate the awesome power of our God. Psalm 99 and the storm of Jonah 1 in different ways illuminate God’s position as the ultimate judge. Having a healthy fear of the Lord—an awareness of His power and zeal for justice—is an important part of sensing our need of His grace and mercy in the cross.

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