Wednesday: Psalm 113-117, Numbers 16, Mark 14

from Heather Madden

I have always loved this passage. A woman shows extravagant love by breaking a flask of very costly ointment and pouring it over Jesus' head.

At that time women were often not respected and certainly rarely honored in public. It was a bold move for this woman to perform this act, and yet she extravagantly displays her love for all to see. It didn’t matter to her what others thought, or what was considered appropriate. She instead lavished love on Jesus by giving all she had. Jesus then boldly honored the woman by speaking on her behalf before others who were looking down their noses at her actions.

Are we willing to extravagantly worship Jesus as this woman did, even at the risk of embarrassing ourselves? What would it look like to worship Jesus with unabashed, extravagant worship? How would we worship Jesus if we knew no one else was watching?

Dear Lord, teach us how to worship you without thinking about others, but instead help us to see ourselves standing before your throne, worshiping you. Help us to give more of ourselves to you in our worship today than we did yesterday. Teach us Lord to worship you with our whole selves, and Lord show what that means to each one of us.

Heather Madden enjoys life by the ocean with her husband., Kelly. By day she is a joy-bringer to the elderly. In her free time she enjoys walks in beautiful places and great meals with family and friends.