We do believe that the best way to make a community your own is to begin to serve. At CotC, we have three “ministries of the whole.” Begin to serve in any or all of these ways will certainly help you get engaged and invested in this community:

  1. Hospitality (Sunday lunches/dinners). Sharing a meal together after the service is really important to us both for deepening our existing relationships and welcoming newcomers. This is a ministry of the entire community. If you start coming to services regularly, we hope you'll participate in this ministry through bringing food (cold or hot), setting up the meal, serving the meal, or cleaning up the kitchen. We have roles for everyone, regardless of  your budget or cooking capacities. Be sure to complete a hospitality survey. __________________ linked here?

  2. Sunday serving. It takes a large group of people to make our worship service happen every week. There are various ways to serve and each are important to our worship (communion prayer, emcee, lock-up, Scripture reader, music, the Lord’s table, etc.). You can fill out this survey to let us know how you’d like to serve. Most people serve once a month.__________________ linked here?

  3. Giving. As a community seeking to make disciples, we don’t hesitate to talk about the importance of giving. Jesus calls us to generosity and we want to encourage each other to grow in generosity in every area of our lives, including the support of our local church. You can give to CotC on Sundays or set-up online giving here for recurring or one-time contributions. As you give, you’ll find your heart is more invested in how God is at work at CotC (Matthew 6.21).