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Foundations Group

We encourage everyone at CotC to participate in the 12-week Foundations Group at some point, preferably early in your time with us. This group provides an excellent way to learn more about our community and to get to know our pastors. During these 12 weeks, you will build relationships with others, study the foundations of the Christian life, and learn more about how those foundations are held and expressed at Church of the Cross. The aim is that you come away from this group with a solid/renewed foundation in the Christian faith and well-prepared to grow in Christ with us at Church of the Cross. Completing this group also opens the door to baptism at CotC and/or to membership in our community.

This group will unpack the Gospel and the three basic responses to it: believing in Jesus (doctrine), belonging to Jesus (spirituality), and following Jesus (ethics). We follow the example of the church throughout history by examining the Apostles' Creed (doctrine), the Lord’s Prayer (spirituality), and the Ten Commandments (ethics), as faithful summaries of biblical teaching on these important subjects. We will also spend time learning about Anglicanism as the particular tradition our church inhabits. And we’ll examine the biblical call to reconciliation, justice, and outreach, three ministries on which we are particularly focused as a community.

Foundations Group is offered once in the fall and once in the winter/spring on Sunday mornings from 8:30am to 10:00am. RSVP for the next Foundations Group here.