Advent 8: Psalm 14,15,16 & Luke 3:1-6

From Richard Hsiung

It’s that most wonderful time of year. Going out to shop for gifts, putting that sweet new smartphone on our wish list, holiday company parties, having friends over. Christmas can be a great time to celebrate, and we have a very good reason to. Yet long ago, God sent John the Baptist all through the desert preaching a message prior to the arrival of Christ, and his message was clear: Repent. (Luke 3 1:6)

Isn’t repenting for Lent? Isn’t Christmas is supposed to be fun and nice? In fact, we are called to approach Christmas with openness and honesty, reflecting in the Word of God.

Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him. Advent is the season of preparation. We should prepare ourselves by repenting, by turning away from our sins, and turning towards God, so that when Christ comes, we are ready to receive him for he is King.

Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. It seems like a tall order, ridding ourselves of all sin and wrongdoing. John tells us we don’t need to move the mountains by ourselves. God will take care of it, so long as we accept him and seek his companionship.

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