Sunday: Psalm 119.33-48 & Deuteronomy 4.15-40

From Mark Booker

Psalm 119.33-48: Verses 36-37 are powerful. The petition is for God to 'incline my heart' to his testimonies and not to selfish gain. Sin turns us inward upon ourselves. The psalmist asks God to turn his heart toward him. We need the same intervention. In the next verse, he moves from his heart to his eyes and asks God to turn his eyes from looking at worthless things. How much time do our eyes spend looking at what is worthless (contrast with Philippians 4.8-9)? Instead of trying to find life where it can't be found, the psalmist asks for God to give him "life" in your ways (v37). God inclines the heart. God turns the eyes. We need God to do this in us. And we need to know, like the psalmist does, that we need God's help and intervention.

Deuteronomy 4.15-40. Listen to today's sermon on obedience.

Moses appeals to Israel in vv.32-35 to remember that their God alone has spoken to and rescued them in a spectacular way. No other 'god' can do this. Our money can't rescue us, our intellect can't, our success can't, our influence can't, pleasure can't. Only God can do this and he has done so through the sending of his Son, Jesus. "Yahweh is God; there is no other besides him" (v35). "Yahweh is God in haven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other" (v39).